Lilani Kumaranayake - Chair, Board of Directors, ISANS

The human experience is defined by connection. To be connected is to have bonds, links, and relationships with the people, environments, and many things that bring meaning to our lives. These can be close in proximity, but they can also span communities, countries, culture, and even time.

Connections are ultimately what help us feel at home no matter where we find ourselves, and this reality is especially prevalent for immigrants. Immigrants depart their home countries to live permanently in new ones, and the connections that exist for them – the ones they make, the ones they already have, and the ones that come into their lives involuntarily – will invariably shape the way their futures unfold.

The importance connection holds for immigrants is also why it is so important to our work at ISANS. Our vision is a community where all can belong and grow, and we want every immigrant we support to know they have an invaluable place here.

The work we do to help immigrants settle successfully in Nova Scotia is always informed by our drive and values, but it’s not a stretch to say that connection is our unifying ingredient. We are an inherently interconnected organization: all of our services rely on and support each other to offer seamless, fluid support to immigrants. For many immigrants that choose to settle in Nova Scotia, ISANS is the front door to the possibilities that await them here. We’re a hub and connecting point for services, supports, and community integration.

Western culture is often defined by rugged individualism, but the reality is that we are a global community that benefits greatly when we are united. Connecting with immigrants and fostering connection for them is critical to this kind of unity. These actions allow us to benefit from their knowledge and talents, while also providing them opportunities to create fulfilling lives.

In spite of the challenges our global community currently faces and has faced these last years, I’m proud that ISANS has remained focused on our mission to help immigrants build their futures here. As Board Chair, I am eager to continue the legacy of responsible stewardship, risk mitigation, financial diversification, and expanding the partnerships that make our work possible.

The key for future progress – and our collective happiness – is to strengthen the ties we have and to welcome new ones with open arms. Our work over the last year undeniably reflects this sentiment, and I’m excited to share it with you in this report.