Distance and Online

One of the cornerstones of inclusion is accessibility. At ISANS, we respect and find value in diverse experiences, perspectives, and abilities, and we know how critical it is to ensure our services are flexible,

adaptable, and accommodating for everyone who can benefit from them. This knowledge motivates us to consistently advance the application of technology to all aspects of the settlement process so that we can enhance our existing supports and enable immigrants to access them more conveniently both before and after they arrive in Nova Scotia.

This year, our Digital Transformation and Technology (DTT) team has been hard at work designing and developing 11 new, interactive career-readiness courses for early childhood educators, long-term care aides, and accountants to help them achieve their occupational aims and settle successfully in Canada. Our DTT team connected with subject-matter experts to develop tailored learning experiences for immigrants in, and desiring to enter, these professions. As a result, these efforts have enabled our staff to enhance their program delivery through learning, training, and orientation.

These courses are hosted on our virtual learning platform, Settlement Online – an ISANS initiative that offers online courses for new immigrants to Canada or who are destined for Canada. This nation-wide platform helps immigrants develop Canadian job-search skills, improve communication skills for the Canadian workplace, and connect with local resources in Canada before and after they arrive here. Courses range from facilitated, self-guided, and practice-oriented, and they cover a breadth of topics such as the Canadian labour market, Canadian workplace culture, and communicating in the workplace.

The development and delivery process for online courses requires a tremendous amount of innovation and collaboration. Our instructional designers diligently hone their skills, stay abreast of emerging trends and best practices, deliver courses through the most efficient channels, and leverage the knowledge of our expert staff to reach our immigrant clients wherever they are and in the ways that work best for them, such as through WhatsApp for our youth and refugee clientele.

Producing high-quality, interactive, online and cell phone-specific courses not only increases user engagement and satisfaction, but it also allows us to connect with and extend our support to immigrants whose circumstances may otherwise limit their participation. What’s more, they’re able to enter the labour market better prepared, increasing their chances of professional connection, success, and fulfillment.

Our career-readiness courses supported

Internationally Educated Accountants
Long term care aides
Early childhood educators

The practices help me to understand things well, [the] plan helps me for better preparation, and participating in teamwork helps me to be confident.

-Settlement Online User