Our mission: helping immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia.

Our vision: a community where all can belong and grow

Our values: Diversity, Inclusion, Respect, Collaboration, Innovation and Accountability


ISANS is the leading immigrant settlement service agency in Atlantic Canada, serving 10,000+ clients annually in 104 communities across Nova Scotia, through many kinds of services—language, settlement, community integration, and employment—both in person and online.

Our Board

ISANS Board of Directors is made up by a dynamic team who are leaders within their respective professions. As a registered charity, our Board of Directors help ensure the sustainable, equitable, and strategic implementation of ISANS’ mission and vision implementation.

Careers at ISANS

Ready for an exciting and rewarding career supporting immigrants and immigration to the provience of Nova Scotia. ISANS is the employer for you with competitive benefits, an inclusive and safe work environment to grow your career. Start your journey today helping immigrants.

History of ISANS

As an organization, ISANS has a rich history nearly as diverse as the newcomers we serve—a history filled with growth  and opportunities for learning, nurtured by the passion and dedication of all who have walked through our doors.

Annual Reports

Our annual report shows the impacts of ISANS one snapshot at a time.  Strong and sustainable stewardship is a core principle of our organization, and we have the latest Public Sector Compensation Reports here.

Strategic Plan

ISANS Strategic Plan was launched at our 2017 AGM in June. The strategic plan is supported in four pillars which helps ground and guide our work with immigrants, staff, community members, partners and policy makers.