Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Each year, Nova Scotia welcomes thousands of new immigrants. When we engage in meaningful intercultural dialogue, we’re building a community where all can belong and grow.


We All Belong

ISANS settles over 10,000 immigrants each year, and we are committed to informing them about the diverse communities and rich, cultural histories of Nova Scotia.

Our Months of Recognition project aims to provide creative and relevant resources to our clients, community members, partners, and staff to help us all learn as much as we can about the people around us.

By working with artists from the communities we recognize, we aim to lift first-voice perspectives and create space for stories about the essential contributions of the diverse communities of this province.

African Heritage Month

To celebrate the vital legacy and contribution of African Nova Scotians and people of African descent, ISANS created an interactive map that seeks to highlight the settlement journey, culture, and achievements of African Nova Scotian communities. Check out works by artists in residence Bria Miller.

Asian Heritage Month

With the global pandemic, the growing misconception about its origins, and the increased xenophobia and violence toward Asians worldwide, it became crucial to address the pervading racism toward Asian communities. Also, it was even more urgent to reflect, learn, and celebrate the many accomplishments and contributions Asian Canadians have made and continue to make to our society, economy, and country.


Nova Scotia for All

Supporting immigration and refugees means we are building a society with unique perspectives, voices, and lived experiences, which strengthens the social and cultural fabric of our communities and helps us foster a diverse and inclusive province. When we welcome newcomers, we welcome new ideas and new opportunities. This project was made possible through a unique partnership with various organizations.

Truth & Reconciliation

At ISANS, as we work to settle newcomers to Nova Scotia, we honour and respect the Indigenous peoples of this land. Throughout the year, ISANS shares resources on Mi’kmaq culture and heritage that are helpful for both immigrants and long-established Nova Scotians, accompanied by the beautiful artwork of Mi’kmaq artists. We are all treaty people.


Each year, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities worldwide celebrate PRIDE month. While working with partners and artists, we want to celebrate PRIDE with community members and immigrants from diverse backgrounds. In our work, we especially want to recognize and help immigrants who experience intersectionality between multiple identities such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Welcoming Immigrants

By learning more about immigrants in our province, we can welcome, hold space for, and inspire belonging in everyone who lives here, whether lifetime resident or new arrival. Stay informed about your immigrant neighbours, immigration trends, key immigration terms, myths and truths about refugees, and how immigration, refugees, and immigrants contribute to our economy and make Nova Scotia an even better place to live.

Contact Us

We welcome your feedback about this page. If you are an artist and want to work with us for these special months of recognition and EDI-related content, please reach out to us. You can email communications@isans.ca for inquiries.