ISANS Brand Guidelines

Our Name


Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

External materials & collateral – our full name should be spelled out the first time it is used with the acronym in brackets. The acronym ISANS can then be used going forward.

Internal materials & collateral – ISANS can be used without spelling out the name first


Association pour les services aux Immigrants de la Nouvelle Écosse

This is the official translation of our full name.

We do not translate the acronym.

Our Logo

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)


ISANS’ logo is simple, clean and direct, and its boldness provides excellent legibility even when small. It is friendly, professional, and implies ISANS is “all about people.”

ISANS logo combines a graphic element with text, which is referred to as a combination mark. In the case of this combination mark, the graphic element is also a word mark. The logo should always be used in its full version, that is the word mark and our full name.

Please do

  • Leave the equivalent of the height of the base of the “i” on all sides of the logo to create free space for clarity and legibility, so it doesn’t look or feel cluttered.

Please do NOT

  • Alter or change the logo in any way.
  • Display the logo in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by ISANS of a product, service, or business without explicit consent from the Manager of Communications.
  • Combine the logo with any other graphics or logos.
  • Reproduce the logo below 1.75” wide in print and 131 pixels wide in web use.

Our Colours


Pantone 370
Hex: #649d38
RGB (94, 151, 50)
CMYK (56, 0, 100, 27)


Pantone 329
Hex: #2c716e
RGB (0, 108, 103)
CMYK (100, 0, 46, 46)



Functional colours are used in conjunction with primary colours for minor and supportive elements, including backgrounds, buttons, sub-headings, etc. Our standard functional colours and their values are listed below.

Service Program Colours

ISANS’ eight service areas are each represented by a unique and distinct colour. These colours provide easy identification for program areas within ISANS brand.

Get Settled

Pantone 7409
Hex: #f0be18
RGB (240, 190, 24)
CMYK (4, 33, 98, 0)

Learn English

Pantone 185
Hex: #df3030
RGB (223, 48, 48)
CMYK (7, 95, 92, 0

Find Employment

Pantone 265
Hex: #8664ab
RGB (134, 101, 171)
CMYK (53, 69, 0, 0)

Do Business

Pantone 311
Hex: #2c9dde
RGB (53, 156, 215)
CMYK (71, 25, 0, 0)

Connect with Community

Pantone 1505
Hex: #df8230
RGB (223, 129, 48)
CMYK (10, 58, 94, 1)

Diversify Your Workforce

Pantone 3275
Hex: #1db7b2
RGB (9, 186, 174)
CMYK (74, 0, 39, 0)

Distance & Online

Hex: #009189
RGB (0, 145, 137)
CMYK (83, 23, 50, 3)

Family, Children and Specialized Settlement

Hex: #8cc642
RGB (140, 198, 66)
CMYK (50, 0, 98, 0)