Inna Morgulis: Dream Job

An ISANS Impact Story

Inna Morgulis has her dream job, happily settled at Capital Health as a research assistant in the cardiology department. “This is my kind of job,” she says, explaining that she likes to work with numbers and computers.

Inna came to Canada in 2012 from Israel along with her husband, Alex, seven-year-old daughter, Emily, and nine-year-old son, Ilan. “We came here for a better future for our kids in a peaceful, safe country.”

Soon after her arrival, Inna came to ISANS at the suggestion of friends in Israel. She met with an Employment Specialist she describes as “very supportive.” She took the Introduction to Nova Scotia program where she enjoyed meeting people from other countries. She attended workshops on writing resumes and cover letters and learned how to do a job search. “It helped me a lot.” She completed an email writing course and a first aid class, while she did others online for convenience during the summer. The keen student dreams about taking more classes, especially pronunciation. “I saw plenty of courses and I wanted to do them all!”

Inna participated in the Work Placement Program at the Nova Scotia Department of Finance working in statistics, a situation she describes as invaluable. “It was a good opportunity to have Canadian experience. It helped me feel more confident. They let me feel like I belong here. That was two months after arriving and there I am in the Department of Finance. I didn’t want to leave!” But she did leave for her current full-time job at Capital Health.

It’s exciting to have this new period of my life. You make a brave move and it changes your life.

Inna already spoke English but had to learn particular medical terminology. She loves the work but finds the work culture different than Israel. “At home it’s more rushed; there are more deadlines. I like the environment here – everyone is nice.”

Resettling is not a new experience for Inna, having moved from Russia to Israel at 18. “It was tough to go to Israel as I was alone without family.” She earned her Bachelor’s degree in economics and her Master’s in mathematics and statistics and worked in statistical analysis.

Her family is content and they have many friends. Her husband is working as a software developer at Dell and their children are doing well at school. While Inna is happy with their school, she finds the system easier here so she feels compelled to create homework for them. Her daughter also goes to Russian School while her son is attending Russian and Hebrew School. Both children enjoy swimming and her son is in art classes.

“It’s exciting to have this new period of my life. You make a brave move and it changes your life.”

Inna is thankful to ISANS. “ISANS didn’t find the job for me, but they helped me find it. They showed me the way and they were very supportive. I was not alone here.”

“ISANS didn’t find the job for me, but they helped me find it. They showed me the way and they were very supportive. I was not alone here.”

Inna Morgulis: Dream Job