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With over 40 years of settlement experiance and expertise, ISANS possesses unparalleled insights on the successes, best practices and challenges facing immigrants to Nova Scotia.

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Mental Health Stigma

Many people from different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and religions have developed negative ideas about mental health problems…

Support for Mental Health Concerns and Addictions

You have several choices to get help.

Settlement Stress and Mental Health Problems

Sometimes settlement stress puts us out of balance, which can create mental health problems. Mental health…

Settlement Stress or Cultural Shock: Tips to Keep Healthy

People react differently to the same stressors. Some people are more affected than others. It depends…

Stages of Adapting to Life in Canada

Many people go through several steps, or stages, in their adaptation process to a new country. Some…

For Service Providers: Virtual Support Strategies

written by ISANS Pre-Employment Online Facilitator, this article discusses the challenges and unique opportunities that…