Before proceeding, please read:

ISANS no longer provides a letter for bus passes through Halifax's Affordable Access Program. Please do not register with ISANS only to get the letter.

If you have been in Canada less than a year and would like to apply for the Affordable Access Program, please visit

If you would like to access any other of ISANS' services, please proceed below to sign up.

Start your journey with ISANS

New to Nova Scotia and want to gain practical advice and skills to build a future here? Become an ISANS client and start your pathway to possibility today. We are excited to meet you

Sign up for your intake appointment

Before using and accessing ISANS program and services, you must have an intake appointment to register as a client.

We will need all of the following documents that you have, which must be uploaded as part of the sign-up form below:

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) – signed by an immigration officer  – not your PR card
  • Work Permit
  • Letter of Nomination
  • Letter of Endorsement
  • Study Permit with off Campus work approval- include estimated graduation date
  • Minister’s Permit
  • Citizenship certificate or Canadian passport
  • Language test results eg: Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Visitors' visa – accepted only if seeking translation services only

At least one of the highlighted documents is required as part of the sign-up form below. If you have a spouse and/or dependents who are also new to ISANS, you can complete the sign-up form for them. You must upload their documents.





Uploading your documents at the time of sign up is the quickest and most secure way to provide us with your documents. If you do not upload the needed documents, your request will take longer to process as we will have to re-send you the link to upload your documents.

It may take a few minutes for your documents to upload. PLEASE BE PATIENT AND DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WHILE YOUR DOCUMENTS UPLOAD.

When your documents have successfully uploaded, a checkmark will appear. You then need to click the button to complete the process. A confirmation message will appear when you have successfully submitted your intake form and documents.

What Happens After You Submit Your Form and Documents

ISANS will review the information and documents that you submitted. If everything is complete, we will email you a link (within five business days) so that you can pick a time to meet with an Intake Counsellor. Please check your email inbox and junk mail for an email from ISANS.

If you requested an in-person appointment, a staff person will contact you to book your appointment.


Appointments can be made virtually or in the office. All in-person appointments are at our Mumford Office (6960 Mumford Road, Suite 2120).

If you cannot make your appointment time, please cancel it so that someone else can book their appointment.

If you need to cancel or change your virtual appointment, you can use the same Scheduler link that was sent to log in and cancel your appointment and then pick another time.

If you need to change your in-person appointment, please contact the office.

Additional Assistance

If you (or someone you know) cannot use the Sign-Up form (i.e. due to computer challenges or English literacy), please contact the office and someone will assist you. You can also come to the office to get assistance.

Contact Info

Please contact us via email or phone (902-406-3607).

Simply put, ISANS offers you the practical skills to settle and grow your new life here in Nova Scotia. Fill out our intake form to start building your future in Nova Scotia.

If you are an AIP client looking to get your settlement plan from ISANS, please register here.