Diversify Your Workforce

We know that diverse perspectives and experiences are significant assets to our economy. When we welcome immigrants into our workforces, we actively make space for innovation, creativity, and unique contributions that promote business growth and success, in addition to enriching and strengthening the social and cultural fabric of Nova Scotia.

Through our Employer Support Services, we engage with employers across Nova Scotia to help them understand the value of diversity in their workplaces, and we support them in adopting best practices for onboarding immigrant employees. We also help employers meet their hiring needs by supporting them through the Atlantic Immigration Program and by connecting them with skilled, job-ready candidates through offerings such as our Professional Practice work placements and Online and On-site Recruitment and Information Sessions. Additionally, we offer specialized training like the Workplace Culture Program to help employers identify and resolve barriers to recruiting and retaining immigrant talent.

A success story we’re particularly proud of this year is indicative of the meaningful and lasting connections our Employer Support Services offer for both employers and immigrant job-seekers alike. Through our online recruitment tool SkillsMatch, an employer looking for a human resources professional found – and then hired – an experienced and trained candidate. Now in a position to hire qualified talent for their employer, this former ISANS client is using SkillsMatch and our other Employer Support Services to find even more skilled and internationally trained immigrants to contribute to their company’s success.

By extending their reach to our pool of qualified, eager, and passionate immigrant professionals, this company has gained a valuable team member who is using their positive experience and knowledge to make new connections in their work. This employer’s and client’s individual and combined experiences ultimately came full circle, and what’s encouraging and even thrilling about this example is the degree to which positive effects can progress and interconnect, weaving a tangible, lasting legacy of opportunity and inclusion.

While our Employer Support Services undoubtedly help businesses across the province fill their labour gaps, access talent, and find the tools they need to help their workforces thrive, our employer supports are really here for all people who call this province home. Internationally trained immigrants enrich the workplaces and communities that make Nova Scotia a wonderful place to live, work, and grow.

New employers registered with SkillsMatch

New employers registered with SkillsMatch this year, bring our total number of registered employers to 756

Job-ready immigrants

Job-ready immigrants engaged with SkillsMatch throughout the year