Learn English

Every year, our language services help hundreds of immigrants build the essential language skills they need to create fulfilling lives, as well as lasting connections, in Nova Scotia. For all immigrants, a meaningful connection to their new country, friends, workplaces, and communities is predicated on the ability to express themselves freely and accurately, and our language services offer support at all levels and in many specialized areas – from literacy to English for everyday living, work, and business – to ensure they can.

In our modern world, and with the ongoing pandemic, the link between learning and digital literacy is inextricable. Learners today must rely on technology to achieve their goals, but of course not everyone begins with the same levels of familiarity or experience. As part of our current Language Services, we now have Digital Navigators who connect our immigrant clients to the digital tools they need to fully participate in language classes and, by extension, other areas of their lives as well.

Digital Navigators offer comprehensive and hands-on support to facilitate language learning. Through individual and group orientations, they teach our students everything from navigating general hardware, to how to hold their device, take a picture, use their video, or engage with their online course. This support has empowered clients once intimidated by technology to both learn and embrace it. Our clients have become more confident and adept, which will ensure they remain engaged with and connected to their instructors, classes, learning materials, and the world around them.

Innovative approaches to our services and the collaboration of an incredible network of ISANS staff and community partners across Canada has made our digital navigation work possible, but our belief in inclusion – that welcoming and respecting the diversity in our community and fostering a sense of belonging in all –  is what’s really at the heart.

Everyone deserves to feel connected to the people and things that matter to them, and we’re here to show all immigrants that, with the right help, they already have the skills and abilities they need to leverage modern technologies to their advantage.

Clients participated in 60+ digitial orientation sessions
Clients recieved one-on-one support
Clients overall were supported through Digital Navigation