Communication Skills for Engineers, I-IV

ISANS offers a communications course for internationally educated engineering professionals, as well as architects and technical professionals, who intend to work in their field in Canada.

About the Program

This course is separated into four independent modules.

In modules I, II, and III, you will focus on workplace communication skills and cultural awareness for the engineering field in Canada. You will study online, independently, for 5-7 hours per week for 6 weeks per module, and you'll meet with your class twice a week online. Completion of these 3 modules may count toward the 1 year of Canadian experience required for licensure with Engineers Nova Scotia, which will be assessed when you apply. Additional information on the Engineers Nova Scotia Experience Requirement is available on the Internationally Educated Engineers page on the Engineers Nova Scotia website, Section 1.2, here.

In module IV, you will focus on writing work experience records following the format, style, and content of the Engineers Nova Scotia experience records. You will study online, independently, for 8-10 hours per week for 6-8 weeks, and you'll receive feedback from an EAL instructor. The completion of this module is highly recommended for those applying for assessment of their experience qualifications with Engineers Nova Scotia.

For all modules, you must have access to the internet via mobile phone or computer. Language level required: Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 6 or higher.

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