Disability Support

Our Disability Support Services help immigrants with disabilities settle in Canada.

About the Program

Our Disability Support Services help immigrants with disabilities settle in Canada. Persons with disabilities often find they must change how they live their daily lives, and they may be overwhelmed as they face new systems of support. If you're an immigrant with a disability, or if a member of your family lives with a disability, our Disability Support Services will help you access services, such as our Immigrant Health, Settlement, and Life Skills programs, as well as other health and disability agencies.

In this program, we specifically help immigrants living with:

  • Physical impairment
  • Cognitive impairment or intellectual disability
  • Mental health diagnoses or who have symptoms indicating the potential for mental illness
  • Chronic conditions that require multiple resettlement supports and that affect their ability to navigate the community or care for themselves (such as a chronic/acute mental health condition, rare genetic condition, or sensory impairment)

We also work with stakeholders in healthcare and community services to reduce barriers and to increase public knowledge of immigration-related policies and systems. In addition to supporting individuals directly, our aim is to support community and government agencies to develop culturally safe services for immigrant families through engagement, partnerships, and advocacy.

Our Disability Support services offer:

  • Needs and risk assessments
  • Referrals to appropriate services
  • Information and orientation for public and private healthcare services
  • Information about federal, provincial, and community resources and supports
  • Individualized support to help you or your family member with medical appointments and health information, community navigation, self-advocacy
  • Access to specialized supports within federal and provincial health and wellness programs (such as Interim Federal Health, Departments of Health and Wellness, and Community Services)

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