Intercultural Workplace Program

The Intercultural Workplace Program (IWP) is dedicated to helping Nova Scotian workplaces foster inclusive environments where every individual’s unique contributions are celebrated. With an employer-focused approach, we provide expertise on hiring and retaining immigrants and strengthening workplace cultures overall.

About the Program

The Intercultural Workplace Program (IWP) partners with Nova Scotian workplaces to help foster environments where every individual, regardless of national origin, is acknowledged and celebrated for their distinct contributions. We champion the many advantages immigrants bring to professional settings, from diverse skills and experiences to unique perspectives.

- Virtual Workshops -

Our virtual services are available through Microsoft Teams. These 90-minute sessions are highly interactive, with breakout rooms, digital whiteboards, and other activities!

Please ensure you have access to a laptop or a desktop computer with functioning audio and video and have a space suitable to engage and participate.

1) Gateway to an Intercultural Workplace

In this workshop, we dive into the foundations of intercultural dynamics. Understand culture's pivotal role, explore contrasting communication styles, and grasp the concept of cultural add. Discover the many benefits of a culturally diverse workplace. Together, we'll deepen our professional understanding!

2) Skills for the Intercultural Workplace

This interactive workshop is designed to equip you with the essential tools to communicate and collaborate effectively in today's diverse work environment. We will discuss six, key intercultural communication skills and engage in interactive activities to help you apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

3) Recruitment & Interviews: Bridging Cultural Gaps

This session covers some best practices for recruiting and interviewing candidates from different cultural backgrounds. This may be especially useful for HR professionals and hiring managers, but we welcome anyone who wants to join! Together, we can create more culturally inclusive workplaces.

4) Onboarding & Retention: Bridging Cultural Gaps

This session will cover the best practices for onboarding and retaining candidates from different cultural backgrounds. This may be also be especially useful for HR professionals and hiring managers, but we welcome anyone who wants to join! Together we can continue creating more culturally inclusive workplaces.

- Customized Workshops -

In addition to our line-up of virtual workshops, we also offer customized workshops, allowing you to align the content with your organization’s specific goals and challenges. Whether you’re looking to address intercultural barriers, enhance communication strategies, or foster a more inclusive workplace culture, we are here to collaborate with you and craft a workshop that perfectly suits your needs!

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a dedicated session.

We are a fully funded program, able to work with any organization with a Nova Scotia presence. We can customize any of our services for your organization’s convenience.

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