Internationally Educated Dental Professional Bridging Program (IEDP)

About the Program

The goal of the Internationally Educated Dental Professionals (IEDP) Bridging Program is to help newcomers navigate the dental licensure pathway and assist with integration into Canadian dental practice.

If you're a dental professional and you've received your education outside of Canada, the IEDP Bridging Program can offer you the following services:

  • structured study groups
  • on-site healthcare library
  • online learning resources
  • educational sessions
  • support with alternative career choices
  • Observership Program

Our team can also offer one-on-one support and information to immigrant IEDPs who seek opportunities for alternate careers and employment.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • an Internationally Educated Dentist or Dental Professional
  • Registered and working with an ISANS Employment Specialist
  • Interested in pursuing certification as a dentist or interested in accessing alternative careers
  • Have a Canadian Language Benchmark of 5+
  • Committed to attending all program activities

IEDP Study Groups
These structured study groups run weekly and are topic-focused. Participating in the Study Group will allow you to share knowledge, experience, and resources. The study groups encourage learning while relying on expertise from colleagues in the group. On-site reference books, updated on-line resources, review materials, and electronic resources are used to facilitate these sessions.

On-site & Online Resources
ISANS has a library of updated textbooks and reference books that IEDs can borrow. ISANS Healthcare library also offers a list of review materials and suggested textbooks from the Dental Examining Boards.

For more information, please contact your employment specialist or email

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