Internationally Educated Nurses Orientation Program (IEN)

About the Program

Foundations Of Nursing Practice For Internationally Educated Nurses

This 18-week facilitated course will introduce you to the foundations of nursing practice in Canada and the Canadian healthcare system. This course is delivered twice a year in spring and winter. To accommodate nursing professionals, the training is offered in a blended format (in-person and online) and facilitated by experienced registered nurse educators.

The course will help you compare your own experiences with Canadian health care delivery and nursing practice and identify any educational gaps or differences in knowledge, skills and competencies.

Course content includes: Concepts of Therapeutic Communication, Medical Terminology, Professional Documentation, Review of Medical/Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology and Administration of Medications, Health Assessment, Maternal Child Health, Mental Health, and Concepts of Family Focused Care.

This program offers:

  • Foundations of Nursing Practice Course
  • Information about the pathway to licensure
  • Structured Study Groups
  • Adult Health Assessment one-day workshop
  • Access to ISANS Healthcare Sciences Library
  • Online learning resources
  • Nursing educational sessions
  • Information about alternative careers
  • Peer support
  • Professional mentoring

To be eligible you must be:

  • Be an Internationally Educated Nurse
  • Register as an ISANS client
  • Register with an Employment Specialist at ISANS
  • Have a minimum language level of CLB 5
  • Be available and committed to attending study groups and educational sessions at flexible hours

For more information please contact your Employment Specialist or email

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