Market-Ready Project

Are you an immigrant entrepreneur with a small-scale enterprise who would like a chance to grow your business and test local markets? This program is for you.

About the Program

ISANS’ Market-Ready Project helps budding immigrant entrepreneurs showcase and test their products at local marketplaces in small centers across rural Nova Scotia.

With the help of partners in rural areas, the Market-Ready Project also offers important training, as well as access to local marketplaces (such as farmers’, craft, or other small-scale markets) to test and sell products or services.

Participants of the Market-Ready Project will receive:

  • 35 hours of focused, in-class and/or online business training
  • Foundational health and safety training as it applies to their business (food handling, WHMIS, fire safety, etc.)
  • An opportunity to showcase and sell their products at local markets, at no or minimal cost
  • Ongoing, one-on-one business counselling with ISANS Business Counsellors
  • Free promotion on the ISANS Business Hub and ISANS social media

To join the Market-Ready Project, participants must:

  • Be immigrants who are at least 19 years old (including: international students, closed and open work permit holders, permanent residents, and citizens)
  • Live in a rural area of Nova Scotia
  • Have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 5 or higher
  • Be ISANS clients

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