Our Orientation program provides information to help you you settle in Nova Scotia.

About the Program

Our Orientation program provides information to help you settle in Nova Scotia. Our orientation workshops cover wide range of topics, such as life in Canada, education, banking, and legal information. We also offer a number of seasonal sessions on important topics such as income tax filing, winter in Canada, and volunteering.

You can sign up for this program during your intake session, or by contacting the program coordinator.

Introduction to Nova Scotia

Introduction to Nova Scotia is a two-week workshop series (half days) in our Orientation program that teaches you about life in Nova Scotia, and that offers information on the following:

  • family life and parenting
  • housing and apartment living
  • health care
  • public transportation
  • education and training
  • banking and managing finances
  • employment
  • Canadian law
  • recreation and entertainment
  • government programs and services

Topic-Specific Workshops

As part of our Orientation program, we offer topic-specific workshops in the evenings and seasonally. These workshops are 2 - 3 hours long and provide specific information on various topics, including:

  • income tax
  • summer recreation
  • winter in Canada
  • volunteering in Canada
  • Canadian laws
  • legal workshops
  • financial literacy
  • waste management
  • health workshops

Introduction to Canada Online

This self-study module covers similar topics as Introduction to Nova Scotia. You can participate in this self-study module in addition to Introduction to Nova Scotia, or you can take it independently.

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