Skilled Newcomer Training Incentive Bond Project (Employers)

About the Program

The Skilled Newcomer Training Incentive Bond Project connects employers across Nova Scotia with experienced and qualified internationally trained professionals.

As a host employer, you will offer employment opportunities for job-ready, skilled, newcomer professionals for a minimum of 6 months. During these 6 months, you will assess their professional skills and competencies on the job, and you’ll receive onboarding and retention support throughout the duration of employment.

What are the benefits for you?

The Skilled Newcomer Training Incentive Bond Project will offer you qualified, extremely driven, highly competitive, devoted, employable personnel who are eager to help you meet and grow your business-related needs.

  • You’ll have a more efficient company. Professionals with international training can offer sparking innovations and introduce new efficient ways of conducting business.
  • You’ll receive help with labour needs. Due to the growing labour shortage, immigrants can become a prominent part of Canada’s labour force.
  • You can boost your competitiveness. Professionals with foreign experience have the abilities and talents to support your company’s competition in the global economy.
  • You can create new markets. Multilingual foreign professionals can help you to create or connect with new, regional and international markets and organizations.
  • You’ll add to your organization’s cultural diversity. Immigrants provide diversified workforces that will enhance workplace productivity.
  • You’ll save time, with no financial risk. If the journey is not successful, you will be financially compensated after the 6-month employment period.

Steps to access the project:

  • Contact the project job developer to identify your hiring needs
  • Receive information about the project and discuss further details
  • Interview potential employees
  • Sign an agreement with the project/ISANS
  • Receive consistent follow-up from the job retention coordinator



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