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About the Program

SkillsMatch Online Recruitment Tool Explore employment opportunities in Nova Scotia A growing number of employers are filling their recruiting needs through matching websites like SkillsMatch. Employers across Nova Scotia use ISANS' SkillsMatch Online Recruitment Tool to hire the talent they need, helping immigrant job-seekers connect with employers in Nova Scotia. ISANS has a database of employers who have hired or have considered hiring immigrant job-seekers. These employers actively search SkillsMatch for job-ready, qualified candidates. Once you have created your profile with a professional resume, you will be matched with employers seeking talent with your education level, experience, and skills.

  • Step 1: To be profiled on SkillsMatch, you need to work with an ISANS employment specialist. If you don't have one, please register with ISANS.
  • Step 2: Contact your ISANS employment specialist to review your resume, and if you are job-ready, upload it to SkillsMatch.
  • Step 3: Employers will review your profile and resume for possible employment opportunities with their organizations.
  • Step 4: When contacted by an employer for an interview, let your employment specialist know about it. You can work together to prepare for a successful interview.


To be eligible, you must:

  • Register as an ISANS client
  • Register with an ISANS employment specialist
  • Be job-ready and complete job search preparation workshops

Important Eligibility Information

  • Immigrant eligible to work in Canada and living in Nova Scotia
  • Registered client with ISANS
  • Working with an Employment Specialist

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