Canada Connections

Canada Connects is a program that matches newcomer individuals and families with​ more established community members who help them learn about Canadian life and take part in community activities. The paired matches​ meet weekly for two hours for at least six months. ISANS supports volunteers and matches by coordinating social events so that they can meet others, share experiences and develop their networks.

About the Program

What is Canada Connects?

  • One-on-one and family matching in an informal setting.
  • Needs-driven support for newcomers to help them understand the social, political, cultural, and economic context of their new community and become fully engaged in Canadian life.
  • Cross-cultural interaction and learning to provide essential guidance early in the settlement process and enable volunteers to learn about the newcomer experience.

What are the areas of activity?

  • Personal exchanges based on needs, interests and hobbies, including:
  • Providing general orientation and support;
  • Explaining how to navigate systems and public services;
  • Developing life skills and offering advice to improve overall well-being;
  • Attending or participating in a cultural or sporting event together.
  • Informal language learning to practice and improve English and French skills, including:
  • Building language skills outside an organized group, classroom or workplace;
  • Dialogue focused on everyday interactions
  • Personal assistance with pronunciation and grammar

Time Committment

Recommend meeting schedule: 2 hours per week


Canadian Language Benchmark 4 or higher (written and spoken)
Have been in Nova Scotia for at least 18 months

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Volunteers help us create healthier, welcoming, and more inclusive communities. Without our volunteers, we could not effectively deliver many of our programs and services. As a volunteer, you will receive orientation, training, and support from us while we together build a community where all can belong and grow.

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