Conversation Circle Facilitator

ISANS Volunteers facilitate ‘Conversation Circles’. Clients are assigned to ‘Circles’ based on their CLB level. These ‘Circles’ provide opportunities for newcomers to practice their speaking skills. The topics chosen are practical, interesting and sometimes even inspiring.​

About the Program

As a conversation circle facilitator, you provide a group of immigrants (8-10 people) with opportunities such as

  • To practice speaking English in a casual and stress free environment
  • Deepening their understanding of Canadian culture and workplaces
  • Networking with other participants and local people
  • A diverse learning environment
  • Information about community resources and social events

Conversation topics can vary based on your circle participants’ interests and learning goals. No previous teaching experience is required. We provide teaching resources and training sessions, and opportunities for observation and substituting before you become a regular conversation circle facilitator. We run a conversation circle once a week for 2 hours at a fixed time based on your preferred delivery method such as online, in-person or blended.

Time Committment

2 hours per week. Two hours per week of preparation and lesson planning time may be needed for this role.


Canadian Language Benchmark 4 or higher (written and spoken)

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Volunteers help us create healthier, welcoming, and more inclusive communities. Without our volunteers, we could not effectively deliver many of our programs and services. As a volunteer, you will receive orientation, training, and support from us while we together build a community where all can belong and grow.

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