English as an Additional Language Tutor

ISANS Volunteers are matched with ISANS clients who wish to improve their spoken and/or written English and prepare for an English language proficiency/professional exam, Canadian Citizenship Test, etc. The volunteers support these clients in their learning through one on one meetings.​ No tutoring experience is necessary.

About the Program

The EAL Volunteer Tutor program offers language support to immigrants through tutor matches. You tutor an immigrant in a one-on-one setting based on your preferred delivery method such as online, in-person or blended. No previous teaching experience is required. We provide tutoring resources and training sessions. We run a tutoring session once a week for 2 hours at convenient times.

We match you with a learner based on:

  • Location/ preferred delivery method
  • Availability
  • Preferences
  • Learner’s English level
  • Learning goals and structure

EAL Volunteer Tutors help learners with their learning goals, such as:

  • EAL literacy skills
  • Communication skills for daily life and/ or workplaces
  • Canadian Culture / community resources and social events
  • Writing and grammar
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • IELTS, CELPIP and any other exam preparation
  • Citizenship Test preparation
  • Written test preparation for driver’s license
  • Basic computer skills

Time Committment

2 hours per week. 2 hours per week of preparation and lesson planning time may be needed for this role.


Canadian Language Benchmark 4 or higher (written and spoken)

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Volunteers help us create healthier, welcoming, and more inclusive communities. Without our volunteers, we could not effectively deliver many of our programs and services. As a volunteer, you will receive orientation, training, and support from us while we together build a community where all can belong and grow.

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