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Last year, ISANS worked with over 10,000 immigrants to build a future in Nova Scotia. At ISANS, we help you find your pathway to possibility.

Top Three Reasons to use ISANS Language Services

ISANS Language Services help you build the confidence, skills, and knowledge you need to converse in English. Our team works with you to identify your unique needs and offers support tailored to your settlement goals.

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English Language Learning

ISANS has a nationally recognized literacy program that helps immigrants who are just starting to learn English. In this program, and with the many supports it provides, you will move from the fundamentals of English, such as the alphabet and numbers, to more complex words at your own pace.

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English for Everyday Living

ISANS has programs and services to help you build your English skills so you can navigate your settlement in Nova Scotia successfully. From conversation circles, to English for Young Adults, to home study and outreach, ISANS has programs to help you converse confidently.

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English for Work and Business

ISANS English for Work and Business offers advanced English classes to help you communicate successfully at work, and teach you entrepreneurial terms to conduct business in Nova Scotia. These programs will give you the vocabulary you need to meet your professional goals.


Check out all the programs and services our language team offers to help you build a future in Nova Scotia.

Impact Stories

Yukang (Patrick) Peng

ISANS provides settlement and integration programs and services to immigrants who are in, or are destined for, communities across Nova Scotia. Through our programs and services, we help immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia.

As the front door to many of Nova Scotia’s immigrants, we seek to create a community where all can belong and grow, building a stronger Nova Scotia and Canada for all.


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