How to be an ally for Indigenous Peoples

Supporting Mi’kmaq and all of Canada’s Indigenous peoples is a fundamental part of reconciliation. To help you learn to be a good ally, The Indigenous Ally Toolkit offers actions and definitions, explains harmful terminology and ways of thinking, and so much more. Here are some of its key steps:

• Listen to the Experts
• Ask what you can do
• Build relationships based on mutual consent and trust
• Research to learn more about the history
• Continue to support and act in meaningful ways

As the toolkit explains, “Being involved in any kind of anti-oppression work is about recognizing that every person has a basic right to human dignity, respect, and equal access to resources. At the end of the day, being an ally goes beyond checking actions off a list and it is not a competition. Being an ally is about a way of being and doing. This means self-reflection, ‘checking in’ with one’s motivations and debriefing with community members is a continual process; it is a way of life.”

Montreal Indigenous Community Network