Canada Day with the Halifax Wanderers and ISANS Clients

This year’s Canada Day celebrations were ones to remember for newcomers to Nova Scotia, thanks to the generosity of Halifax’s soccer team, Wanderers, who gifted ISANS with tickets to share with our clients. The day was filled with joy, community spirit, and an exciting soccer match with the Cavalry FC.   

The Cavalry team displayed exceptional skill and athleticism on the field, matching the Halifax Wanderers’ prowess. However, it was the Halifax Wanderers who ultimately secured the victory. We are thrilled to congratulate them on their win! Their dedication and sportsmanship truly shone through, making us proud to support such an outstanding team.  

During the event, we captured some wonderful moments with some of our clients who were excited about this event, such as Nyota Ashura, Jeanpierre Rutebeza, and Sifa Bilobi from the Democratic Republic of Congo; Luis, Andres, Gabi, and Daniela from Venezuela; and Urmila, Avinash, and their family from India –to mention a few!   

A heartfelt thank you to Halifax Wanderers for their generous donation, allowing many ISANS clients to enjoy the game, cheer on local heroes and feel welcomed and embraced by their new community. This gesture of kindness made the day even more special.  

We would also like to thank Walmart for sponsoring the event. Your contributions help us in our mission to create a welcoming and inclusive community for all.  

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make Canada Day 2024 memorable for newcomers and long-time residents.  

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