Pathways to Community

At ISANS, when we think of the future, it always centers on community and the important part immigrants play in shaping it. Our vision of a community where all can belong and grow depends on the cultural diversity, resilience, skills, perspectives, and economic growth immigration brings to Nova Scotia and Canada.  


We demonstrate collaboration by building relationships where we can share responsibilities and ideas and work together to enhance opportunities for all.


We demonstrate respect by encouraging an environment of fairness, honesty and integrity for all clients, partners and colleagues.


We demonstrate inclusion by welcoming and respecting the diversity in our community and fostering a sense of belonging in all.


We demonstrate diversity through valuing and respecting differences in experiences and perspectives, believing in everyone’s ability to enrich Canadian society through their unique contribution.


We demonstrate innovation through service excellence, by being creative and flexible, responsive to clients and partners and continually seeking new opportunities.


We demonstrate accountability by acknowledging responsibility for our services, tools, actions and decisions and by being transparent and principled in our approach to people and situations.


No matter where we’re from, we all thrive when we live respectfully with one another. Communities offer us connection and a sense of belonging that are critical for enjoying a fulfilling life.

When we give our support to those who need it, and when we welcome new people into our community, it encourages growth and reciprocity. More often than not, those who receive support are committed to give it back to others in countless beneficial ways. 

ISANS is deeply invested in helping immigrants build a future here. 

Message from our Chair

"Immigration is an integral element in our local, provincial, and national communities"

As Board Chair, along with my fellow Directors, our focus has been on continuing to have a strong organization where our excellent staff always feel engaged and valued within the ISANS community. It is only with a strong internal organization that ISANS can work more broadly to integrate and strengthen our communities by working with immigrants to help them call Nova Scotia home. 

Message from our CEO

"ISANS strives to build a strong community through immigrant settlement and integration"

We help immigrants find their pathways to possibility through our services and programs. In the last five years, we have responded to humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine, developed sector-specific language and employment training, supported our clients with interpretation and family care, fostered opportunities for community integration such as gardening and field trips, as well as expanded pre-arrival services. 

Our Stories

Get Settled

Whether responding to humanitarian or family crises, locating affordable housing, or helping mothers become their children’s first teachers, our settlement teams are dedicated to ensuring every immigrant has the support they need to successfully meet the challenges of long-term integration, especially those most vulnerable.

Do Business

Immigrant entrepreneurs have an unparalleled drive to succeed, as well as skills and unique perspectives that lend so much to their communities. To help them on their paths to success, ISANS’ Business Development team offers business counselling, training, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Learn English

The motto of the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks is “language is the key,” and we believe this statement couldn’t be truer in our vision of a future where all can belong and grow. ISANS Language Services help immigrants express themselves and build confidence to go about their daily lives, from visiting the doctor and talking to a neighbour, to chairing a meeting at work. 

Distance and Online

Our distance and online services enable us to support immigrants both before and after they arrive in Canada. Through three pre-arrival programs, we help immigrants arrive in Canada prepared so that their settlement and integration is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We also have a dedicated digital technology and support team to ensure our services are as accessible as possible in an increasingly digital world. 

Find Employment

Our employment and bridging services are excellent examples of our community-minded and comprehensive approach to immigrant retention in Nova Scotia. To help immigrants find employment in their desired fields, our employment team collaborates closely with employers, regulators, educational institutions, volunteers, subject-matter experts, government organizations, and many other partners.

Connect with Community

Community integration is at the heart of an immigrant’s settlement journey. Our Community Integration Services help immigrants find information and volunteering opportunities, access community services and support, and connect with community members with similar interests. We also offer recreation support, which is a particularly important part of community integration. 

Diversify Your Workforce

Diversity in the workplace is a major asset to employers. Among countless benefits, hiring people of all backgrounds and abilities sparks creativity and innovation, creates opportunities for professional growth, leads to better decision-making, helps us become more compassionate as individuals, and makes our community at large more open, welcoming, and vibrant.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

As a service provider whose mission is to help immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia, we are continuously engaged with our clients and the communities we serve so that our ever-evolving suite of community-driven, educational programs and workshops on intercultural equity, diversity, and inclusion (I-EDI) reflect their emerging needs and lived realities. 

Our Financial Report

Download highlights from ISANS' 2022-2023 Financial Report.