Pathways to Connection

The importance connection holds for immigrants is also why it is so important to our work at ISANS. Our vision is a community where all can belong and grow, and we want every immigrant we support to know they have an invaluable place here.


We demonstrate collaboration by building relationships where we can share responsibilities and ideas and work together to enhance opportunities for all.


We demonstrate respect by encouraging an environment of fairness, honesty and integrity for all clients, partners and colleagues.


We demonstrate inclusion by welcoming and respecting the diversity in our community and fostering a sense of belonging in all.


We demonstrate diversity through valuing and respecting differences in experiences and perspectives, believing in everyone’s ability to enrich Canadian society through their unique contribution.


We demonstrate innovation through service excellence, by being creative and flexible, responsive to clients and partners and continually seeking new opportunities.


We demonstrate accountability by acknowledging responsibility for our services, tools, actions and decisions and by being transparent and principled in our approach to people and situations.


The human experience is defined by connection. To be connected is to have bonds, links, and relationships with the people, environments, and many things that bring meaning to our lives. These can be close in proximity, but they can also span communities, countries, culture, and even time.

This year, our report explores how we've fostered connection for our clients, as well as how our work has benefitted from the strong connections we have with the community and our partners.

Message from the Chair

"Connection is our unifying ingredient"

As an immigrant myself, it is a privilege for me to chair the ISANS Board and reflect on our past year in this annual report. Each person newly arriving to Nova Scotia has a unique story, but there are always commonalities among us.

Message from the CEO

"Committed to connection and enrichment"

We have strengthened connections through digital literacy training and supports, blended service delivery, and educational resources – such as accessible vaccine information – that enables immigrants to develop confidence and skills to engage and integrate more fully in our community.

Our Stories

Get Settled

Through advocacy, partnership, and empowerment, our settlement teams help immigrant and refugee arrivals with their immediate and most pressing settlement needs, in addition to offering trauma-informed, sensitive care to improve wellness and deepen the connections between mothers, children, families, individuals, and their communities.

Do Business

Anyone who owns their own business or is thinking of starting one knows that entrepreneurship comes with risks. Entrepreneurs must constantly overcome a fear of failure, get comfortable with unknowns and what-ifs, and invest significant time, resources, and energy.

Learn English

For all immigrants, a meaningful connection to their new country, friends, workplaces, and communities is predicated on the ability to express themselves freely and accurately, and our language services offer support at all levels and in many specialized areas – from literacy to English for everyday living, work, and business – to ensure they can.

Distance and Online

Our advancement of technology has ensured services are flexible, adaptable, and accommodating for everyone who can benefit from them.

Find Employment

Finding gainful employment provides a gateway to countless opportunities and experiences, while also offering a strong foundation of safety and security from which individuals and families can grow, branch, and explore.

Connect with Community

Communities are foundational to belonging. Not only are they important sources of social connection, but they also make us feel safe and supported, and they give us a strong sense of purpose – connecting us to causes and networks greater than ourselves. For immigrants who are starting new lives here, community integration is essential to their settlement and well-being.

Diversify Your Workforce

We know that diverse perspectives and experiences are significant assets to our economy. When we welcome immigrants into our workforces, we actively make space for innovation, creativity, and unique contributions that promote business growth and success, in addition to enriching and strengthening the social and cultural fabric of Nova Scotia.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

By exploring connections and honouring lived experiences, ISANS EDI training and workshops have promoted welcoming and safe environments for immigrants and all Nova Scotians

Our Financial Statements

Download the financial highlights from the ISANS 2021-2022 Financial Report