Bridging the Gap – ISANS receives funding to support newcomers looking to work in carpentry and personal care work fields

More personal care workers and carpenters will prepare to join the workforce through our new program, Bridging the Gap for Personal Care Workers and Carpenters. This specialized employment support is possible thanks to $497,000 in funding from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s Back to Work Community Partnership Initiative.

The Honorable Lena Metlege Dieb, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education, announced the province’s investment of $10 million dollars to the Back to Work Community Partnership Initiative on Tuesday, April 6. Consisting of twenty-five community groups across the province, the partnership will provide skill-building training and connections to the local workforce for individuals from underrepresented groups.

“Our project will work with immigrants to bridge the gap in areas of high labour-market need in Nova Scotia, focusing on personal care workers and carpenters,” says Jennifer Watts, ISANS CEO. “We are excited about the opportunities that this funding will bring to our work and to continuing our long-standing tradition of innovative, employment-bridging programs for newcomers to our province”

Through the Bridging the Gap for Personal Care Workers and Carpenters program, newcomers will complete technical training in their related field, build skills, make connections to the local workforce, and complete a work placement as either a carpenter or personal care worker.

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