Celebrating Our Volunteers: Craig Bannon

Craig Bannon is Senior Manager at Royal Bank of Canada and a volunteer with our Professional Mentorship Program.

Mentee Haytham Kamel thanked Craig for giving his time to provide guidance:

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate every effort you made and your time that kindly shared with me. Your guidance and coaching as a mentor were priceless and accelerated the pace of my integration as well as my family integration in community and workforce in Nova Scotia.”

We also asked Ajayi Abiodun about his time working with Craig:

“My relationship with Craig Bannon transcends a mentor-mentee relationship. Craig is deeply concerned about my well-being and that of my family. He did not only provide assistance towards my search for a job but also provided advice on settling into the new community, managing our funds, investment options and Registered Education Savings Plans for our newborn. All these show that Craig is interested in the future of my family beyond the mentorship program. Craig is always available and accessible. Craig is not just a mentor to me, he is family.”

Thank you, Craig, for all that you do!