Celebrating Our Volunteers: Gillian Power

Gillian Power is a volunteer in our Community Connections program, and has been matched with a family to help them integrate and settle in Halifax.

“I retired the same month the (Syrian) refugees arrived and just wanted to help. I helped with meals and outings through the refugee centre and was then matched with a family for English tutoring and afterwards community connections. The families filled a gap in my life at a time when we both needed to be productive.

I was able to help the dad get a job, help the boy play soccer, teach the girl piano lessons and help the mom with English.

That’s why my quote mentions how our relationship has grown.

I am still very active with my family and they have embraced me like a sister (at least they are not calling me their grandmother)! I think our relationship is sealed for the long term and although they always thank me for my help, they are also helping me! It’s a win- win situation that I am happy to be a part of.”

Thank you Gillian for all that you do!