Dr. Margaret Casey wins ISANS Award for work with International Medical Graduates

Congratulations to Dr. Margaret Casey, winner of this year’s ISANS Award for her exceptional efforts in welcoming immigrants to Nova Scotia and in assisting them to successfully integrate into the community.

Dr. Margaret Casey has been supporting the immigrant community in Nova Scotia for more than 13 years. As an ISANS volunteer, she shares her medical expertise with the International Medical Graduates (IMGs), providing continuous support and encouragement to newcomer physicians. She is a key member of the IMG Multi-Stakeholder Work Group and the IMG Bridging program. Dr. Casey helps integrate IMGs into the healthcare system, and works to address the challenges IMGs face while trying to become licensed physicians in Nova Scotia. Through the Clinical Skills Review program, she helps prepare IMGs for the Medical Council of Canada clinical exams, increasing their knowledge of the Canadian healthcare system and helping to improve their professional communication skills. She provides valuable feedback on clinical and interpersonal skills which are the key components to pass the exams and to work as a physician in the community. We are grateful to Dr. Casey for sharing her expertise and for helping to build a welcoming and inclusive province.

“Her continuous involvement and dedication in the program has encouraged other members of the community to come forward and help new immigrant IMGs. Thanks to her commitment to their success, many other physicians and healthcare professionals are following her steps and volunteering in our program.” ~ Nasha Waqas, former IMG Bridging Coordinator.

“I admire their tenacity and courage. This is an excellent program at ISANS, an absolutely wonderful preparation program that looks at every aspect of practice.” ~ Margaret Casey

Congratulations, Dr. Casey! Thank you for all that you do!