ISANS Resuming In-Person Services June 21st

As a community, we have done great work at keeping the COVID numbers down and all of us need to continue to follow public health protocols to maintain these positive trends.  The importance of social distancing, masks, hand washing, and staying home if not feeling well is critical as we try to keep the pandemic impacts at a minimum in our community as we wait for the vaccines to be distributed to the general public.

We have been working hard to ensure a safe reopening of ISANS. We are excited to announce the resumption of in-person program services at ISANS Mumford starting June 21st and ISANS Joseph Howe starting July 5th.

Language Classes, Workshops and ECE Services

If your class or workshop is resuming in-person, you will receive a call or email providing you with detailed information. If you do not receive a call or email instructions to attend in-person, your class/workshop will continue to be offered online.

ISANS will be offering limited ECE services to eligible clients at ISANS Mumford (drop-in and short-term care only) starting June 21st and ISANS Joseph Howe (long-term care only) starting July 5th. Please work with your coordinator or assistant to confirm if your program or service supports ECE service and space reservations.

General Guidelines

To respect health and safety guidelines, we ask clients to read these steps and follow them when visiting us:

  • Book an appointment for in-person service only if you cannot access our services remotely (from home). Drop-ins are available for urgent settlement concerns or crises. However, if you drop in for other programs and services, you might not access the service on the same day.
  • Make sure to come in at the exact time of your appointment.
  • Remember we are only able to provide service if you have booked an appointment (unless you have an urgent settlement concern or crisis)
  • Do not come in if you are sick, showing symptoms of COVID-19, or are supposed to be self-isolating for any reason
  • You must wear a mask on-site for safety reasons unless you are not able to for medical reasons (if you do not have a mask, ISANS will provide you one)
  • Follow the posters, signs, and guidelines displayed throughout the office

Please continue to follow all instructions from local health authorities and the Government of Canada, including preventative actions like washing hands, travel restrictions, and self-quarantine if required. This is important to keep you and your loved ones safe during this time.