January is Mentoring Month! Learn about Mentorship through ISANS

Craig Bannon and Kevin Nguyen outside the RBC branch in Bedford where Kevin started working as a Banking Advisor.

Have you ever wondered about becoming a mentor? Look no further because our Professional Mentorship Program offers an enriching experience for you to share your skills and expertise.

We match locally established professionals with internationally-trained immigrants and newcomers. Mentors provide insights, advice, connections, moral support and guidance on networking and breaking into the job market at a level comparable with their training and education.

The Professional Mentorship Program is flexible but provides a structured format and specific goals. As it is profession specific, ISANS does one-to-one mentor-mentee matching. Once matched, mentors and mentees have in-person meetings, Skype sessions, scheduled phone-calls and emails over a period of 3-4 months.

Jakki and Priyanka – one of our latest matches

Mentees are immigrants who are ready to work. They have international education and work experience and often speaking several languages. They lack Canadian work experience and professional networks and may be unemployed or underemployed.

“There are so many insights that you cannot know or understand just by yourself, so having a mentor with prior experience makes a world of difference. The mentorship program helped me identify, focus and set career goals that I have never thought about or considered before.” – Newcomer Professional, Mentorship Program

Mentors find mentoring brings many rewards. You can:

  • enhance your leadership and coaching skills and help develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • gain a better understanding of the skills and experience that immigrants can provide Canadian workplaces
  • stay informed about the job market and industry trends

“Being a mentor is perhaps the most gratifying experience. It made me feel responsible and honored knowing that I am helping build a better society. I learned as much as I passed along to my mentee.” – Established Professional, Mentorship Program

To become a mentor, you must:

  • Be an established Canadian professional
  • Have a minimum of 3 years work experience
  • Be willing to commit time to mentoring partnership
  • Be open-minded, encouraging and able to provide positive feedback

For more information on becoming a mentor, contact:

Ritu Ganju | Mentorship Program Coordinator | rganju@old.isans.ca | 902.406.8662