Jennifer Watts to be ISANS new Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of the ISANS’ Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that after an extensive process led by a Board Governance Committee, Jennifer Watts will assume the role of ISANS Chief Executive Officer effective April 1st, 2018.

Jennifer is a proven and respected leader in our community.  She has an effective, thoughtful voice that is both heard and valued.  Given the importance of immigration in Nova Scotia and ISANS’ critical role in supporting it, the Board has firm confidence in Jennifer’s wisdom, leadership and unquestionable passion to help define our future as a province.

Trained as an Urban and Rural Planner, Jennifer has a background in community development, urban and rural planning and municipal issues having served as municipal councillor on Halifax Regional Council for 8 years.  Jennifer has lived overseas in Central America and the Middle East and her family has been involved in supporting refugees through private sponsorships and university refugee programs. Jennifer’s current position is ISANS’ Director of Settlement and Integration.

Jennifer is taking over the leadership of ISANS at an exciting time in our 38-year history, at a time when there is extensive support for immigration from all levels of the community and when ISANS is experiencing unprecedented growth.   Guided by our new and ambitious strategic plan, we are confident that Jennifer’s outstanding abilities to engage and to inspire will lead this amazing organization in our continued growth and service to immigrants and to the province.

Catherine J. Woodman
ISANS Board Chair