Join us on Saturday, September 26 at Halifax Brewery Market

Our Bridge to Entrepreneurship program, funded by IRCC, helps entrepreneurial permanent residents and refugees who are learning to speak English join the business world.

By offering a targeted English language course for business and a dedicated table at Halifax Brewery Market, this program enables them to test their products and sell with confidence.

To close this session, we are working with all the program participants to offer you a diverse selection of products! Join us on Saturday, September 26 at Halifax Brewery Market from 8 am to 1 pm.

More information about the participants:


All the way from Aleppo Syria, Ayman Al Mashhoud and Kamar Ahmad are the cofounders of RoseLeen, a luxurious homemade chocolate with lots of different fillings. Their creations also include Almond sweets, sesame cookies, coconut macrons and lots more.

Ammar’s Apparel

With over than 30 years of experience in tailoring  Ammar came from Syria as a refugee and settled in Antigonish. His amazing work of masks was featured on the chronical herald in July.

Rasha’s Creations

Rasha Allouh, a Syrian refugee always had the love and passion for cooking. Rasha will be selling her pastry goodies.

Big Moe

As a new immigrant who landed in Halifax with all the hopes to start his own restaurant, Big Moe has always amazed us with his Egyptian dishes.

Salvadorian Flavour

All the way from El Salvador, this great team of mother and daughters brings to Halifax a wonderful taste of the Salvadorian kitchen.

*For those wishing to sell food, participants will have the chance to earn a certificate through a certified food handling course. Find out more at