Meet Anthea Taljaard (Van Der Pluym)

Anthea has been a Business and Workforce Integration client at ISANS since May 2020 and recently opened her gallery at the Eastern Shore, promoting local artists. Learn about her story and her business, Eastern Shore Gallery, in the interview below:

What support did ISANS give you?

I did the “Introduction to Business” course. Ian [my business counsellor] also provided consultation and directed me to a few art and craft resources.

How did you come to arrive at the Eastern Shore? 

I came the long route through South Africa, then four years in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, onto Toronto, and finally out to Nova Scotia. We found a new house on the ocean on West Jeddore road that we loved, and so we bought it and settled here.

What is special about the Eastern Shore? 

I love the wildness and untouched beauty of the Eastern Shore – amazing sunsets and sunrises, the lobster-fishing community, the 100 Wild Islands, kayaking, and generally just enjoying our ocean access.

What makes the Eastern Shore artist community vibrant? 

There are 35 very talented artists in the gallery who extend from Preston through to Sheet Harbour. It’s a diverse group of people, many of whom are previous immigrants – UK Welsh, South African, German, etc. – who have become Canadians over time. Their work is reflective of their love of the area.

What is the mission of Eastern Shore Gallery? 

To promote the Eastern Shore as a tourist and local destination, and to use the artistic talents of the community to make products that create memories and a love of the area. The Gallery slogan is “Take a memory home.” We will be adding food and market stalls in the near future to create a tourist experience for Christmas on the Eastern Shore.