Mi’kmawey Forestry – a wholistic approach to a resource industry

In honour of Mi’kmaq History Month, which this year celebrates plant knowledge and use in Mi’kmaq culture, we’re shining a spotlight today on Mi’kmawey Forestry, a revised version of the First Nations Forestry Program.

Offering workshops, training, events, and activities, and working with community members on all technical aspects of the forestry sector, Mi’kmawey Forestry’s mission is to “Support Mi’kmaw participation in the transformation of Nova Scotia’s forests through the practice and promotion of Netukulimk… taking only what you need and leaving something for future generations.”

“Mi’kmawey Forestry believes in a wholistic forestry… Wholistic thinking is melded with today’s forestry treatments and management techniques promoting a balance between immediate economic needs, protection of the forest life and maintaining standing forests for our future. The interdependence of all living things and their essential contribution to the health and sustenance of the natural environment is respected and maintained. The philosophy of wholistic forestry does not exclude humans and their interaction with the forest but rather balances human interests equally with the interest of all other components of the forest ecosystem.”

Learn more about their incredible work, as well as scholarship and other opportunities, at https://mikmaweyforestry.ca, and follow them on social media.

Facebook: /mikmaweyforestry

Instagram: @mikmaweyforestrycmm

Twitter: @MikmaweyForest