New resource for internationally educated teachers provides orientation to teaching in Nova Scotia

A new website, created to provide internationally educated teachers with comprehensive information and orientation to the education system in Nova Scotia, launched Thursday, February 28, 2019. offers contextual awareness for internationally educated teachers, for preparation for certification, to increase success on the job, and/or to assist with alternative career exploration. The website provides a wide range of useful information, from the history of education systems in Nova Scotia and the Canadian classroom experience to labour market information and typical challenges.

Teach in Nova Scotia is a user-friendly, open access resource for internationally educated teachers,” says Jan Sheppard Kutcher, co-chair of the Internationally Educated Teachers Multi-stakeholder Work Group (MSGW). “It provides comprehensive and reliable information about educational systems across Canada and in Nova Scotia, as well as how to apply for teacher certification and look for a job. To help them be successful in a Canadian classroom, it covers key concepts such as inclusive education and connects teachers to additional resources.”

Sandra Probert, an internationally educated teacher who sits on the Internationally Educated Teachers MSGW believes these resources will be invaluable not only to herself but to all newcomers looking to become teachers in Nova Scotia. “As an international educated teacher I consider this amazing website to be a powerful tool for my career. I find a lot of beneficial information that all newcomers with teaching background need to know in order to be successful in Nova Scotia.”

The resource was produced by the Internationally Educated Teachers MSGW, comprised of members from Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Nova Scotia Department of Labour & Advanced Educated, Nova Scotia Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (including the Office of Teacher Certification), and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union. Funding for the project was provided by Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.