Why mentorship is important to business development

To celebrate Small Business Week, we are sharing 5 reasons why mentorship is important to business development:

  1. Get guidance from an expert: With years of education and industry experience behind them, mentors provide answers and make suggestions that can help you to navigate the Canadian business landscape.
  1. Get feedback and advice: Mentors can provide advice to help you build on your strengths and support you in areas where you need development. Part of a mentor’s role is to share lessons they have learned with you, whether those are successes or not. When you are in the process of decision-making, run your ideas by your mentor.
  1. Gain a different perspective: We all benefit from exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking. Mentors provide context and a perspective that you might not have considered. They can help you see beyond what is right in front of you, to broaden your point of view and build on your ideas. 
  1. Receive encouragement: Sometimes all it takes to make important business decisions is confidence. Mentors provide guidance, can be your listening ear, provide a second opinion, or just give support when you need it.
  1. Expand your network: Mentors often have large professional networks that they can connect you to, to help you grow your own networks. Networking and making connections is an important part of business growth and development.

For more information on the Mentorship program, please contact,

Ritu Ganju |  Coordinator, Mentorship Program  |  902-406-8662  |  rganju@old.isans.ca