ISANS and CBDC Blue Water Microloan Program

Together, ISANS and CBDC Blue Water have launched a microloan program designed to assist immigrant clients in their business journey by providing the financial support needed to transform their dreams into reality. By offering microloans, we aim to bridge the gap many immigrant entrepreneurs face when accessing traditional financing. We understand that the lack of startup capital can be a major barrier, particularly for immigrant entrepreneurs and women who may not have access to traditional funding options.

This initiative will make a direct impact on our clients who are participating in the Market-Ready project. These clients are immigrant entrepreneurs, mostly in rural and smaller centres across Nova Scotia, who are receiving focused training in preparation for launching or growing their businesses.

ISANS is committed to supporting aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, and we share with CBDC the belief in the power of entrepreneurship to create opportunities and foster economic growth. We thank CBDC Blue Water and its staff for their dedication and shared vision in making this microloan program possible.

For more details on this Immigrant Loan Program, please visit CBDC’s website. For ISANS clients interested in applying for this loan, please contact us at

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