ISANS Award 2022 Winner

Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia is pleased to announce Learn English Nova Scotia (LENS) as the recipient of this year’s ISANS Award.

The ISANS Award recognizes an individual, community group, business or employer who has demonstrated exceptional and innovative efforts in welcoming immigrants to Nova Scotia and in assisting them to integrate successfully into the community.

LENS has been supporting the immigrant community since 2011, expanding to serve all of Nova Scotia in 2017. The Testing and Counselling Centre, based in Halifax, has a team of certified language assessors and language education counsellors who help Nova Scotia immigrants discover what they can do in English.

They offer Canadian Language Benchmarks Placement Tests and Canadian Language Benchmarks Literacy testing to all eligible clients throughout the province and offer language counselling so that learners can choose language programs that meet their needs.

Since 2015, LENS has worked with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education, the Department of Education, ISANS and NSCC School of Access to increase the community’s responsiveness to youth and young adult learners who are working toward their GEDs. This is accomplished through a series of on-site assessments, information sessions, training for guidance and language counsellors and the development of tools to help learners.

Pictured left to right: Jennifer Watts, Erin McDonald and Carol Derby

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