RBC Partnership Funding Announcement

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been ISANS’ partner since 2005, and nearly 20 years later, our partnership has only grown stronger in what we can achieve together.

On January 23, 2024, RBC’s Cecilia Moore, Vice President, Commercial Financial Services, presented ISANS with a cheque for $160,000 to go towards delivering our Financial Services Bridging Program (FSBP). Since 2022, we have worked with 172 clients in the FSBP, and 128 are currently employed in their field or a related field.

We want to thank RBC for this financial support and their continual engagement with us and the hundreds of immigrants we serve as we live out our mission of helping immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia.

As a financial partner, RBC has also become the subject matter expert in the financial lending of our Atlantic Immigrant Career Loan Fund, and their staff have trained other RBC teams to administer the loan in the Atlantic region. Additionally, RBC has been actively involved in attending and helping with the success of business networking events, supporting our clients in expanding their professional network and creating meaningful connections. They have also hosted many Online Recruitment Sessions (ORIS) over the years, offering interviews and employment opportunities to our clients.

We also want to acknowledge the RBC staff who have graciously volunteered their time with us. Over the last three years, we have recruited over 50 volunteer mentors from RBC who have provided guidance and mentorship to help newcomers successfully integrate into the workforce and navigate the intricacies of the financial/banking field. With RBC staff volunteers, we have also delivered 12 financial literacy workshops. The generosity of RBC’s staff in dedicating their time and knowledge to the Professional Mentorship Program has significantly impacted the lives and careers of many immigrant professionals.

RBC’s Atlantic Newcomer Specialist Team: Arshleen Kaur, Liliane Saad, Tieming Wang, and Mark Cormier

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