Information Morning’s Feed Nova Scotia show – ISANS interview

Every year, CBC Radio’s Information Morning – NS with Portia Clark hosts an annual live holiday show in support of food banks across the province.

This year, the theme was neighbours, and heartwarming stories of people who are involved in their communities and helping their neighbours were highlights.

Peter Wright and Toufik Lahsene Amrani were interviewed as participants of ISANS’ Canada Connects program.

The Canada Connects program focuses on one-on-one and family matching in an informal setting, offering needs-driven support to newcomers as they navigate the social, political, cultural, and economic aspects of their new community. Our volunteers, like Peter, and clients, like Toufik, engage in cross-cultural interaction and learning, providing essential guidance early in the settlement process.

Listen to Peter and Toufik’s interview to hear about their time in the program and the friendship that has blossomed from it. Their interview takes place between the 19:35 minute mark and the 28:33 minute mark.

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