Build your future here with ISANS

Last year, ISANS worked with over 15,000 clients to build a future in Nova Scotia. At ISANS, we help you find your pathway to possibility.

Employment and Bridging Programs

Our knowledgeable team will offer invaluable insight about regulated professions in Nova Scotia. Our profession-specific bridging programs help you navigate the licensure and certification process for several regulated professions in Nova Scotia.

Funding to Support Your Employment Journey

The Atlantic Immigrant Career Loan Fund (AICLF) is a micro-loan fund for internationally trained immigrants in Atlantic Canada. If you’d like to upgrade your skills or to obtain your license or certification, but financial barriers are getting in your way, the AICLF can help you overcome them

Building an Effective Job Search

ISANS programs help you build the skills you need to find a job in Canada. From job-search strategies, hands-on training for interviews, and employment counseling, we have the workshop and support to help enhance your job search and support you secure that job you desire.


Check out all the programs and services that our employment and bridging team has to offer to help you build your future in Nova Scotia. For more great ISANS programs, check out our program database here.

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Internationally Educated Dental Professional Bridging Program (IEDP)

Internationally Educated Architects Work-based Assessment Program

If you’re an architect who has received your training and qualifications outside of Canada this…

Internationally Educated Accountants Bridging Program

If you’re an internationally educated accountant living in Nova Scotia looking to upgrade your skills…

International Pharmacy Graduates Bridging Program (IPG)

The International Pharmacy Graduates (IPGs) Bridging Program will help you understand and meet the standards…

International Medical Graduates Bridging Program (IMGs)

Are you planning to practice medicine in Canada? Are you preparing for the Medical Council…

Immigrant Youth Employability Project

The Immigrant Youth Employability Program is designed to help immigrant youth explore career options, gain…

Impact Stories

Banpreet Singh Shaney

ISANS provides settlement and integration programs and services to immigrants who are in or destined for communities across Nova Scotia. Through our programs and services, we help immigrants build a future in Nova Scotia.

As the front door to many of Nova Scotia’s immigrants, we seek to create a community where all can belong and grow, building a stronger Nova Scotia and Canada for all.